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PupAllure™ "potty training puppies" with Scented Weaning Pads and Spray

Without PupAllure™

BreederBase® the people who invented the Weaning-Pen
are pleased to announce another first,
the PupAllure™ Weaning Scent & Pads.



  • Machine Washable
  • Releases Poop (even the dry stuff)
  • Stays Put (velcro corners)
  • Custom Fit
  • Wicks Moisture Away From Puppies
  • Target Scent with Spray Bottle for post wash scent application
  • Target Scent also safely covers potty smells ON WEANING PAD
  • Affordable
  • Helps Potty Train Pups

These pads and scent are specifically designed for weaning puppies.  We understand that weaning puppies can be a poopy, wet & stinky job. That's why we have designed these pads/scent to keep this stage of your puppies development as painless and affordable as possible.

Made of dimensionally stabilized polyester, these pads provide: safety, traction, easy cleanability, and moisture wicking; so that your puppies stay cleaner, drier and sweeter smelling than ever before.

We have also developed an all-NEW proprietary PupAllure™ Weaning-Scent. This special targeting/cover scent has been specifically developed and blended to encourage your weaning puppies to go potty on the weaning pad ONLY. Without this scent your bitch will be unintentionally training your puppies to potty on fresh laundry and other common smells and surfaces throughout the house.  Puppy Potty Training has never been easier than with the PupAllure™ Potty pads and scent. Your bitch does the work.


PupAllure™ Potty Training

When weaning starts the litters poo/smell will change and your bitch will become reluctant to consume her puppies waste. This is when your bitch will discourage her pups from pooping in the Whelping-Box, where they sleep. She will encourage pups to potty in the Weaning-Pen. This natural behavior TRAINS her puppies where to go potty.  After weeks of early puppyhood training, the puppies will forever be imprinted as to SMELL and TEXTURE of potty place. Therefore, it is important that you (the BREEDER) provide a new/unique SCENT and PAD in the Weaning-Pen. 

When you use the PupAllure™ Scented Pads in your Weaning-Pen, the puppies will be "POTTY TRAINED" to go on the PupAllure™ products. Be kind and show your precious little bundles of joy where to poop.  If  you don't, who will? Also, this is an outstanding opportunity for you to add value to your puppies. Now you can offer "POTTY TRAINED PUPS" by providing, or allowing us to provide, your puppy buyer with PupAllure™ Pads, Scent & Equipment.

PupAllure™ Weaning Pads

These machine washable, pre-scented Weaning-Pads are made of  puppy safe polyester and are custom cut for your Weaning-Pen. The two sides of  the pad are different. The top side is dimensionally stabilized and designed to release poop (to minimize scraping and spraying) prior to wash. The top also offers appropriate traction for, and wicks moisture away from, weaning puppies. The bottom side does not shift easily when used with our pad liners and sticks to velcro patches you affix to the floor corners of  your Weaning-Pen. The velcro patches are included with your PupAllure™ Weaning-Pad purchase.

PupAllure™ Weaning Pads come in four sizes:

60" x 48" XL
48" x 48" L
40" x 40" M
34" x 34" S

PupAllure™ Weaning-Scent

The all NEW all natural PupAllure™ Weaning Scent helps puppies identify where to go potty.  This Weaning-Scent comes in a convenient 4oz spray bottle for fast and easy application to your Weaning-Pad after wash. It can also be used to cover smells in the WENING-PEN between pad washings. DO NOT USE IT IN THE WHELPING-BOX! This pleasant yet unique blend of smells encourages puppies to eliminate on the Weaning-Pad and WILL NOT be found elsewhere in the home or yard. This can be critically important for the future happiness and well being of  your puppies. If your Weaning-Pen or area smells & feels like fresh laundry then puppies will go potty on fresh laundry. If it smells like common cleaning sprays then your puppy buyer may wonder why the pup just pooped were they just cleaned up. Without this scent you bitch will be unintentionally training your puppies to potty on fresh laundry and other common smells and surfaces throughout the house. The puppy will wonder "ok, but where do I go?" Get your pups off to a great start by providing PupAllure™ Potty Training and the new puppies home with all the tools needed for quick & easy potty training success.