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Assembling the Dura-Whelp® Whelping-Box
Dura-Whelp® Whelping-Pad Setup
Therma-Whelp® Assembly
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Dura-Whelp® Whelping-Kit

Whelping Boxes complete with Rails

Dura-Whelp® is the Original PROFESSIONAL whelping box.
The worlds Cleanest & Easiest & Safest whelping boxes "since 1994"

as featured in the AKC Gazette
U.S. Patent No. 5,497,729.

| Easy to USE | Easy to CLEAN | Easy to STORE | Made in USA by Professionals | Made of Corrugated Plastic | with a 3 Year Guarantee | Available in 4 Convenient Sizes |

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The Dura-Whelp Box is easy to use

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Assembly is as easy as 1-2-3
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  • Box walls come as a single completed unit
  • Assembly simply requires 4 screws (included with every box).
  • The assembled Dura-Whelp® is easy to clean, light-weight and easily moved, our imitators' boxes come apart when lifted, ask them.
  • The Puppy Rails offer added safety, so you can sleep at night and are FREE with every whelping box.
  • Full Door (included) slides up and out.

World's safest Whelping-Box

Puppy rails are important!

The job of a Whelping-Box is to keep puppies clean, safe & contained. Our patented design allows for the rails to be completely suspended above the floor. This eliminates the possibility of puppies getting crushed under complicated rail supports/feet or stilts. PUPPY RAILS are included with every whelping-box.
If it doesn't have rails, it's not a Whelping-Box.

Worlds Cleanest Whelping-Box
. .
Made of Easy to CLEAN Plastic

Corrugated plastic is somewhat flexible yet extremely durable and easy to clean. Our patented floor-to-wall design eliminates parts with complicated slots, grooves and gaps for poop/urine to get trapped in & leak through. Our flat and open surface area allows for easy cleaning! Outdated wooden boxes are not only heavy but impossible to keep sanitary. Painting introduces diseases, skin lesions, etc. & the probability of puppies eating the paint. The entire Dura-Whelp® Box can be easily cleaned with Bleach, Quatricide, other detergent or disinfectant.

Keeping a sanitary environment has never been easier!

The patented Dura-Whelp Box stores in its Shipping Carton

To disassemble and store the Dura-Whelp Box, simply reverse steps 1-2-3, and repack.
Can easily be stored in a closet or under a bed.

Don't Judge a Box
By Its Cover

We understand that the construction of Corrugated Plastic resembles Corrugated Cardboard, however, Corrugated Plastic is NOT CARDBOARD. The Dura-Whelp® Box is made of top quality, extruded, polypropylene plastic. This plastic makes the Dura-Whelp® lightweight, strong, flexible, UPS shippable and easily cleanable. When it comes to performance (and cost), there is very little resemblance between Corrugated Plastic and Corrugated Cardboard.

Available in 4 Convenient Sizes
Small 34" x 34" x 15"
Medium 40" x 40" x 20"
Large 48" x 48" x 20"
Extra-Large 60" x 48" x 23"

What size is right for my breed?


Corner Braces
Back due to popular demand, an unnecessary finishing touch for your Dura-Whelp.
Comes in a pack of four corners.

Half Door
Many breeders requested a "half-door" option for the box. This door is designed for use with the new frame.
Already included with all new Dura-Whelp boxes, same low price!

This new door system is easy to use and WILL work with your existing box!
The frame is a solid (one piece) "H" grooved Polypropylene that fits perfectly in the door opening.

New doors are sized to accommodate this frame.

Get a new Door & Frame to upgrade for your old & trusty Dura-Whelp

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