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Dura-Whelp® Whelping-Kit

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We've had our Dura-Whelp now for 6 years. It is the only brand we recommend & use! We love the way it cleans up easily. The only reason we are now purchasing another, is that we have two girls ready to whelp within a few days of each other. It stores quickly & takes up only a wee bit of room. It is a life time Purchase!!!!! It certainly pays for itself.

Michele H. wells, Collies

I liked the fact that this box was easy to clean, assemble, and disassemble. I have recommended it to many of my clients who are having puppies. Thanks for a great whelping box!

Frances R. Paulin DVM, German Shorthaired Pointer

The "Therma-Whelp" is the most amazing puppy-warmer I have ever seen!! … You have taken giant steps in assisting serious breeders. The single thing that is so unique about the Therma-Whelp is – it actually warms the air around the pups. ( I have one little boy that literally spends all day in the cradle – he loves it! ) There is no glaring light – so mom has peace and quiet!

Bonnie Price, Rottweilers

I like the idea of the Dura-Whelp very much. It's handy, easy to assemble, space-saving, and most important of all, my Yorkshire Terriers love it! I am very satisfied with your product Thank You!

Grace Lee, Yorkshire Terriers, B.C., Canada

We are very pleased with the whelping box. There is ample space for our Rottweiler, Zelda, to lie down and nurse her pups. It has held up well, and the plastic makes it easy to clean and disinfect.

Marc & Leah Gembala, Rottweilers

It is amazing to me how simple this box is, yet so sturdy. I can't wait for the pups to be whelped to see just how effective and practical I believe it will be. I wanted to thank you for the personal customer service, and for designing such a simple, quality product, at such a reasonable price!

Dean C. Anderson, Retrievers

For years I have been searching for a whelping box that is easy to clean, easy to store, and of proper size and design. The Dura-Whelp fits the bill. It's light and easy to transport, stores in it's own carton, and assembles and disassembles in 10 minutes. Puppy and mother messes clean up quite easily, and I am never worried about germs in plywood sides. The box is affordable, and with the different sizes it works well with a large variety of breeds. I strongly recommend the Dura-Whelp.

Linda Lloyd, Kuvasz, Poodles, and Smooth Fox Terriers

Purchased your products and was very happy!!!!! Hats off to you for having such an outstanding company! I purchased the DuraWhelp and ThermaWhelp just in time for a wonderful delivery of three healthy Min. Schnauzers. Molly the mother and the pups loved their temperature controlled surroundings and the DuraWhelp box itself. I am so thankful we found such outstanding products and I am truly excited about being able to bring many more tailwagglers into this world with the help of your wonderful products. Keep up the great job!!!!!!!

Margo Dettelbach, Miniature Schnauzers

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