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Assembling the Dura-Whelp® Whelping-Box
Dura-Whelp® Whelping-Pad Setup
Therma-Whelp® Assembly
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Dura-Whelp® Whelping-Kit


Dura-Whelp® whelping-PADS and Disposable Liners,
Make your Whelping Box a Home

The Dura-Whelp® Pads pamper you and your pups.

Designed to prevent pads from slipping around and bunching up!

The surface on which your new pups live is important. For strong joints, muscles, and bodies, this surface should offer traction, consistency, dryness, and cleanliness. Some whelping pads slip around and bunch up which presents the risk of puppies getting "lost" underneath. The Dura-Whelp Pads make it easy to give your pups the best surface possible.

Pad Fastener Pack included FREE with your pad purchase.

**We now sew velcro in each corner to aid in a secure placement of the pads!!**
Each of your pads will attach to the fasteners you apply to box corners. Instructions included with the pack.

Easy to Clean and Durable padding

Machine wash, hang dry. It's that easy! Our customers are getting another set of pads after 4-5 years of whelping. We recommend getting at least 2 pads per whelping box so one can always be in with the puppies.

Even if you don't choose our whelping pads, please use a suitable alternative.

Custom Fit for your Dura-Whelp Box
Small 34" x 34"
Medium 40" x 40"
Large 48" x 48"
Extra-Large 60" x 48"
The Custom Fit ensures that your pups will have a good surface on which to take their first steps.

Disposable Pad Liners

Our Disposable Liners (sized to fit the pads) are made of single sided courgated craft paper and are designed to be placed under the Pad. The Liners help keep your pad in place at the same time absorbing wetness. When a liner gets wet, simply replace it.
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